Estate gifts are a continuation of your legacy and provide a foundation for InterVarsity’s work. These gifts allow you to care for your family, provide for the transfer of assets to those close to you, and include a charitable gift during your lifetime and afterwards. We can help you find the best way to make your gift, and perhaps find a gift option that you might not have otherwise thought was possible.



Why Do Estate Planning

While estate planning can entail some difficult choices it does provide a sense of relief and peace of mind when it is done. You’ll know that you have done your best to plan and provide for yourself and for loved ones as well as the causes you’ve cared about during your lifetime.

The Key Elements of an Estate Plan

Creating (or updating) an estate plan is among the most important things you can do. By planning, you make things easier for your family. How wonderful it would be if they knew exactly what you wanted to have happen and have the means at hand to follow your wishes.